Do you want know your aadhar password then read this article. Here you can know what is password of your aadhaar card with 3 type name and infographic.

What Is Aadhar Password

Aadhaar card password is first four letters of your name in capital and your year of birth.
like if any person name is md sarwar and there year of birth is 1997 then there aadhaar password will MDSA1997.

Aadhar Password

Example Of Aadhar Password For Boys Name

NameYear Of BirthAadhar password
Altaf Husssain1995ALTA1995
MD Amir Hussain1998MDAM1998
Md Abid1972MDABI1972
Aman Babu2002AMAN2002
Sankej Kumar2000SANK2000

Sandeep kumar

kamlesh Kumar
Mohan Singh1945
Madan Singh1943MADA1943
Bittu Alam2001BITTU2001
Aman Babu2002AMAN2002
Jakir Hussain1968JAKIR
Saddam Hussein1993SADDA1993
Mumtaz Alam1962MUMT1962

Example Of Aadhar Password For girls name

NameYear Of BirthAadhaar Password
Alfiya khatoon1998ALFI1998
Alisha Khatoon1996ALIS1996
Reshma Saikh1993RESH1993
Rokaiya Praween1995ROKA1995
Pooja Kumari1997POOJ1997
Muskan Kumari1998MUSK1998
Rekha Devi1978REKH1975
Shruti Bakshi2001SHRU2001
Sumitra Devi1965SUMI1965
Payal Kumari1997PAYA1997
Richa Singh1996RICH1996
SUFI Praween1994SUFI1994

Aadhar Password FAQS

How can I get Aadhar without password?

Directly you can not get Aadhar card without password but you can easily open Aadhar pdf with your Aadhar password and remove password from Aadhar pdf or order re-print Aadhaar card.
If you order will order re-print Aadhaar card then UIDAI Send to you Aadhaar card by post.

Why am i facing problem that password incorrect, when do I try open Aadhar PDF?

May be you are putting first four letters of your name in small letters or you are gaving space between name letters and birth years.
Try again put all first four letters of name in capital letters and years of birth without any space

What will be my Aadhar password I will chenge my name on Aadhar card?

Your old downloaded Aadhar pad password will be same and if you will download before successful update your Aadhar password will be same
But after successful update your Aadhaar password will be according to your name
Ex – if your old name on Aadhar card is Subham Kumar and your years of birth is 1995 then your old Aadhar password is  SUBH1995.
If your new name on Aadhar card is Shubham(some spelling chenge) and your years of birth is 1995 then your new Aadhar pad password will be SHUB1995.

What will be my Aadhar password I will chenge my date of birth on Aadhar card?

IF you change only date or month then password will same but if you will be chenge years then your old downloaded Aadhar PDF password will be same and if you will download before successful update your Aadhar password will be same
But after successful update your Aadhaar password will be according to your new date of birth on Aadhar.

Example – if your name on Aadhar card is Shubham Kumar and your old date of birth on Aadhar card is 12/05/1995 then your old Aadhar password is  SHUB1995.
If your new date of birth is 12/05/1996 on Aadhar card is then your new Aadhar PDF  password will be SHUB1996

Aadhaar Card Eligibility

The eligibility for an Aadhaar card is :

Any occupant of India (infants/minors) is eligible for an Aadhaar card. While the Aadhaar card is for grown-ups, Baal Aadhaar is for children underneath five years

NRIs and foreigners remaining in India for over a year are eligible for the Aadhaar. It is proposed to give an Aadhaar card for non-inhabitant Indians with Indian visas after their appearance in India without hanging tight for 180 days.
aadhaar card test

Documents Required for Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar requires two kinds of documents – Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI). The accompanying documents are adequate to meet the measures:

• Proof of identification (POI)
• Proof of address (POA)
• Dish card
• Identification
• Testament of Birth
• Proportion/PDS card
• Voter identification card
• Driving permit

Aadhar Card Services and Benefits

Aadhaar was acquainted and given with offer government-based plans and appropriations to the Indian residents. It works both as a location just as identity proof. Besides, it also helps in precluding defilement, exploitative and illicit practices, and phony characters in the country.
In any case, there is more than one benefit that Aadhar offers. We should view them:

Pan Card and Income tax

The Supreme Court has affirmed the connection of Aadhar with the PAN in September 2018. For the individual also, this connecting offers an assortment of benefits. This linkage of Aadhaar and PAN is compulsory on the off chance that you need to record your profits under your PAN card. Today, it is essential for you to approve your mark either truly or carefully while recording tax returns. With the linkage, you can without much of a stretch record your profits through your Aadhar itself, making the whole procedure snappier. Besides, even your discounts will be quickened at a quicker pace in particular on the off chance that you have connected your Aadhar and PAN card. Know your customer (KYC) which is required to open an exchanging account, should be possible on the web and can be legitimated essentially by utilizing your Aadhar. However, this should be possible just in the event that you have connected your Aadhar and PAN card. Not just this, you can also open electronically a financial balance with the assistance of PAN card and Aadhaar linkage. Aadhar will assist with controlling dark cash in the nation when it’s connected with the pan card. It will also help in checking personal tax cheats in this way, producing cash for the legislature for the improvement of the nation.

Identity Card

Aadhaar is a biometric identity framework. It fundamentally signifies that its confirmation is utilized to check one’s identity. Aadhaar is ordinarily utilized as a photo identity at different places in India. Government authorities need possibility to present their Aadhaar cards before showing up for any tests or as a piece of any official application. Besides, the greater part of the privately owned businesses also asks their clients to either show their Aadhar or output the codes. At air terminals as well, Aadhaar is considered as a legitimate photograph identity alongside an air ticket.
Also, in the event that you have lost your Aadhar or have neglected to convey it with you, you may utilize the e-Aadhaar on the off chance that you wish to utilize Aadhaar as a proof of identity. It also checks your name, date of birth, address, photograph, and sexual orientation. You can download the e-Aadhaar from the UIDAI’s site.
Aadhar can be utilized for identity purposes at different government and private organizations. Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (LPG Subsidy) – Today Aadhar can be utilized successfully to pick up LPG sponsorship just by connecting Aadhar number to the LPG customer number.

Passport in 10 days

Today, there is no requirement for you to convey different documents in the event that you wish to apply for a passport. This is on the grounds that, UIDAI has made your passport application bother free with the use of Aadhar card. Restorations also can be effectively finished with the assistance of an Aadhaar. Either the Aadhar or thee-Aadhaar can be submitted to apply for or restore your passport. You should simply enroll in applying for the passport by tapping on Post-production of the login id and secret phrase, fill in your subtleties and select the passport application classification. Post submitting and paying the charge on the web, print the duplicate of this application, and join your Aadhar duplicate to it. Here, the Aadhaar goes about as an identity just as address proof. You may then convey these two documents to the Passport Seva Kendra once you get an appointment, within three days for additional necessities to process your passport application. In the event that you have Aadhar card number, it will help assist the way toward getting the passport and you may even get it inside 10 days. Also, the government has made having Aadhar obligatory for all passport supporters.

Driving license

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, you can utilize Aadhaar as one of the choices as proof of address and age. There are also plans to connect the Aadhar card number with a driving license to end instances of numerous license holders. This will assist with promoting strongly the execution of engine vehicles manages in the nation. Thinking about the expanding number of street mishaps, copy vehicle enlistments just as the number of copy driving licenses in India, this act of connecting the Aadhar and the driving license would dispense with duplication and render proficient control simultaneously keep up straightforwardness with the assistance of a digitalized stage. The RTO’s will also follow a record of the people by making Aadhaar the single identity report. The biometric data of the individual will surely help for the issuance of driving licenses in India.

Proof of Residence

Aadhar is acknowledged as a legitimate government archive that can be appeared as a home proof to profit different government and private administrations. It is also utilized as a proof of home at numerous spots, for example, the air terminals, to open Demat and financial balances, use of a passport, and so on. Since Aadhaar can be utilized as both photograph identity just as address proof, it takes out to deliver other packs of documents for financial balance opening. Regardless of whether you wish to apply for a home credit, individual advance, and so on you can outfit ‘Aadhaar’ as your proof of living arrangement.

Government Subsidy

To rehearse straightforwardness for the use of the government appropriations, all the government assistance schemes by the government are connected with the recipient’s ‘Aadhaar’. To guarantee that there are no spillages, all appropriations just as schemes were given just post ‘Aadhaar issuance’. Various schemes, for example, schemes for mature age annuity, Public Distribution System just as grants are being connected with ‘Aadhaar’ just to guarantee that these points of interest are harvested by the correct individual. This would help just the bonafide residents to utilize benefit government sponsorships, for example, nourishment subsidy, school subsidy, lamp fuel subsidy, and schemes like Pahal, Atal Yojana, connecting of Aadhaar with the bank account has been made required by the government.

Bank Accounts

Aadhaar and Pan Card have now become the fundamental necessity for opening a bank account nowadays, anyway it isn’t obligatory to connect your Aadhaar with the bank account according to the ongoing decision of the Supreme Court. In any case, on the off chance that you connect your Aadhar with your bank account, you can get nationwide access to your connected accounts. The Aadhar card fills in as both the way of life just as address confirmation that precludes the need of conveying numerous reports for bank account opening.

Gas Connections

The 12-digit novel distinguishing proof number allotted by the UIDAI, ‘Aadhaar’ is helpful for getting LPG subsidy sum straight in your bank account. The Direct Benefit Transfer is otherwise called the PAHAL Scheme that causes you in getting the LPG Subsidy. On the off chance that you wish to profit out of this plan, all you have to do is visit the LPG merchant in your general vicinity and get your Aadhaar number mapped to the 17-digit LPG purchaser number.

Common Funds

SEBI has made it required to do KYC of all accounts before they can be opened. Aadhar card number encourages you to do e-KYC effectively for the application procedure. The ongoing incomparable court administering of September 2018 has discarded the need of connecting your Aadhar Card Number with your common reserve folio number. Prior, on the off chance that you neglected to connect your shared store folio with your ‘Aadhaar’, your folio would have to be made non-employable. You would have been denied to pull back your assets and put resources into new roads until your shared assets are connected with your Aadhar card number. In any case, however not compulsory now You may complete this mapping with the assistance of either the online mode, physical mode, through SMS or through CAMs or Karvy.

Month to month pension

To stay away from misrepresentation in the pension framework, it is good to link for the pensioners to link their Aadhar card number with the pension account so as to get a pension. However, this linking isn’t mandatory. This is the means by which senior residents would be qualified to get their pension in a convenient manner. All they have to do is register their Aadhar with their pension accounts.

Provident funds

Today, once in a while will you discover individuals resigning from a similar organization that they may have joined a few years as students. Hopping starting with one occupation then onto the next with future development possibilities has gotten normal. This, thusly, has made pulling back of provident finances somewhat troublesome. For the most part in light of the fact that every association will allocate an extraordinary EPF number just as the part id. The presence of different EPF part ids make the union a serious troublesome undertaking. You can, however, pull back or move your provident reserve effectively with the assistance of a UAN. Without a UAN, you may enact the equivalent with the assistance of your Aadhar. In spite of the fact that Aadhaar linking isn’t mandatory to pull back your PF, it is a good practice to link your UAN with your aadhar

Aadhaar Card Download

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